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About Ayurveda

Ayurveda is considered to be the fifth veda (other than the rig veda,sama veda,yagur veda and the atharva veda)and the oldest holistic healing system of the world.It is approximately about 3500 and more years old.Ayurveda is considered to be passed on from gods to sages and from the sages to the human physicians.Dhanvanthari is the god of ayurveda who incarnated as the king of Varanasi who had a group of students to whom he imparted this holy life science for the benefit of the mankind.Shushrutha and Charaka are described to be the two main masters of ayurveda.Shushrutha being the direct disciple of Dhanvanthari wrote the "Shushrutha Samhitha";which is considered to be one of the main and the first and foremost books of ayurveda.Charaka authored the "Charaka samhitha".These two books can be considered as the two main epics of ayurveda.

Ayurveda always emphasizes the body,mind and body balance.It says that body,mind and spirit should be in a harmonious state of balance connected to the universal energy.Any imbalance caused in this balance results in a state of low level of immunity of the body which makes it easy for the diseases to attack the body.The things that can bring in a disruption in this balance are the genetic and bodily defects from the birth,sudden injuries,weather changes,internal well being or emotional well being and finally the age.Ayurveda exlains that the human body is made up of five elements.the space,earth,water,fire and air.These elements combines to form three basic energies of the body.They are the vatha,pitta and the kapha.Space and air elements forms the vatha;the fire and water elements forms the pitta and then the water and earth elements forms the kapha.

Among the three,the most powerful is the vatha energy because it controls all the basic body functions like blood flow,breathing,heart function,mind control and the excretion of waste materials from the body.Pitta energy controls digestion,metabolism and some of the hormones related to the appetite.Kapha energy controls body strength,weight,growth of the muscles and also the immunity.

By taking into account the condition of the balance of the physical,emotional and the life forces, the ayurvedic treatment procedures starts with the aim of cleansing the body from all the internal and external impurities.It is done through the process of "Panchakarma".Panchakarma procedures are termed as Vamana,Virechana,Vasti,Nasyam and Rakthamokshanam.

Massages with ayurvedic natural oils forms one of the most important pillar procedures for the well being and complete wellness of the human body,mind and soul.The ayurvedic system is well reputed around the world mainly because of its safety.In ayurveda all treatments and medicines are devoid of side effects and after effects since all the medicines and oils are extracted only from medicinal plants and trees from nature.