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About kerala

The meaning of the word kerala means" the land of coconuts".kera meaning the coconuts and alam meaning the land- which together makes the word "kerala".

Kerala state is situated in the south of India .Kerala lies in parallel to the arabian sea.The first european explorer to India vasco da gama started the connection with the Indian sub-continent by docking his ship at Kozhikode ,which is one of the major towns of kerala in 1498. Kerala tourism department uses the caption of "Gods own country " for kerala because of its natural beauty and many other historical facts related to it.The traveller magazine of national geographic listed kerala as one of the ten paradises on the earth in its 1999 edition.It was already listed in the top fifty destinations in the world earlier by them.It is the cleanest state in the whole of the country along with sikkim.Kerala is the only state in India which has the banking facilities and hospitals in each and every village of every of its 14 districts.This proves the pace of development in the state.kerala has the highest literacy rate in the whole of the country.About half of the length of kerala is covered by its back waters which adds to its natural beauty.Kerala is the first state to achieve hundred percent primary education.Kerala is also called as the spice coast of India because of the richness of spices cultivated in the state since time ago.The first church,synagogue and mosque in India was built in kerala.The first church was built in 52 AD Palayur, Kerala by St.Thomas who was one of the direct disciples of Jesus Christ.The first mosque was built in 629 AD in Methala in Kerala by Malik Deenar.The first jewish synagogue was built in Kochi in 1567 by the jewish community of Kochi.Kerala is the largest producers of rubber in the whole of India.It is one of the top least corrupt states of the country.It is the only state in India where the most number of festivals are celebrated.It is the divine sanctuary where many religions live together with harmony and peace.Kerala has the most richest temple of the whole world where an accumulation of gold and precious stones worth of about $ 1 trillion is present in its gaurded vaults.By 2016,kerala was declared as the first digital state because of its almost hundred percent mobile and internet connectivity.Kerala has the one of the five top ranked beautiful drive in beaches of the world in Muzhappilangad.It is about 4 km long.According to the statistics about 16.5 million tourists visited kerala in the previous year.

Kerala is home to many varieties of herbs,plants and trees of medicinal properties.It is because of the abundance of medicinal herbs,plants and trees that kerala is famous for ayurveda.Kerala is the paradise for natural treatments and procedures because of its unique abundance of the medicinal herbs,plants and trees which is prescribed in the thousands of years old medicinal manuscripts of ayurveda.