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The pace of life is often too fast in these times for a person to care for his or her own physique and health. Ignoring the body, mind and the holistic balance of it results in stress, pains, insomnia, fear, negative states of mind, general health problems and other ailments. We have created the perfectly identical ambience and originality of the traditional Indian Ayurveda system of wellness for body, mind and soul in Russia in our salon. Being the first ever Indian Ayurveda salon in Cherepovets and in the Vologda state we have created the unparalleled state of art quality and standards for our salon. Our traditional Ayurveda system works to solve the physical, mental and emotional problems resulting from the imbalance of the three main processes of the human body-the digestion, assimilation and the disposal of waste materials, bio-chemicals and toxins from our bodies. With the thorough knowledge and years of experience in the traditional system of Ayurveda, our specialists carry on the responsibility of taking care of each and every client to the point of perfection and satisfaction .in our salon we use only 100% natural oils from the herbs, roots and leaves of the plants and trees prescribed in the thousands of years old manuscripts of India. Our specialists takes care of each and every client according to their individual body types and the procedures advised would vary from person to person on request .we focus on the well-being of each individual according to the nature of the body at the present condition. Skin being the largest organ of the body, is the most vulnerable to the external and internal pollutions of the body. Our massages and procedures focus on the cleansing and exfoliating your skin resulting in the opening of all the pores and it starts to breathe and get tuned to the natural balance resulting in the softness and natural suppleness. All the wear and tear and the damage that your skin has endured through the years till the time of your first session of procedure with us will be restored to its natural state. You will get back your youthful and glowing skin within no time. Your body becomes shaped up and attractive than never before with our traditional Ayurveda procedures.

Our traditional head massages gives you relief from stress, pain, insomnia and all the negative increases the blood circulation on the scalp giving you healthy and strong hair. Our natural oils prevents premature greying, discoloration and split ends of the hair.

Our massage for your back and neck gives relief from the tiredness and pain of your gives relief to all the pain and stress of the back and neck muscles and relaxes it giving a soothing experience. The natural oils used for the massage helps the soft and hard muscles of the neck and back to relax and it restores the natural flexibility and wellness. Our massage for your hands and legs keeps away all the pains and discomfort of increases the blood circulation and prevents the clotting of blood in the veins and blood vessels of the hands and legs. The joints of hands and legs gets more flexibility and strength.

Our foot massages not only helps your foot but also strengthens, relaxes and soothes your entire nervous system. Since all the nerves of all internal and external organs of the body ends in ones sole of the feet, our massages of foot and sole makes them more stronger and healthier.

Our anti cellulite massage is specially designed to shape up your body by removing all the extra fat accumulated in your body. Anti-cellulite massages with the natural oils will help reduce your weight and fat naturally.

Ayurveda has proved time and time again that it can restore the core strength, flexibility and the youth of the human is powerful enough to cure all the physiological and psychological ailments prevalent on this earth today. Our procedures relaxes, recuperates and rejuvenates your body, mind and soul. All our customers have the unique experience of our massages and we make sure that personal attention and proper care is given from our well experienced, trained, caring and well-mannered staff members. We give utmost importance and value to our customer’s comments and suggestions. We wish you a unique and wonderful experience with us.